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Been away for a while, but with the BEST excuse!

Hey there regular readers, all happy 713 of you! I’m feeling like a very proud pappa these days, and no we’ve not rescued another poochie ( soon I hope-hope) but we have been working very hard these past few months on our latest and some say greatest venture and we owe it all to the Welcome Mutt and our loyal fans and supporters. May I introduce, the best idea that you won’t be able to live without once you realize it’s a real thing, drum roll please… why yes it's real!

I hear-bye introduce you to It’s a monthly poop bag delivery service that allows you to choose the bags that are right for you ( from very eco friendly or super eco friendly compostable) and amount you need for each daily walk and we send them to you every month with free shipping for one low low monthly price.

The price and convenience can’t be beat, we know we’ve tried them all. Check out our P.B.C site for updates and in the next few days we’ll be up and running full steam and ready to take your orders. We’ve also got an AMAZINGLY FUNNY commercial that is almost ready to viewing, we can’t wait to hear what you all think. The best is yet to come…

Happy pooping!

Mr. Mutt

June gloom and sunny afternoons

Around these parts this time of year we’ve got an atmospheric phenomenon that is akin to a super marine layer in the mornings this time of year, or as non-nerds like yourself call it, “June Gloom”. Our Chiweenie Lucy really hates that she can’t sun herself as per her normal pattern and I’m sure if she could speak she’d ask me — “what did I do that was so bad you’ve made the sun go away” and I’d reply, “I hate to break it to your cutie, but that department is beyond my pay-grade”.

Disc launcher is GO!


So, when this misty grey layer burns off later in the day, Lucy takes advantage and has made it very clear she’s not going back inside until she’s got her fill of sun, mostly her sitting on the sidewalk and soaking up the heat and vitamin D, and that leaves me with a very tan face, and not much else.

So, I’ve added a few new tricks to our “sun-walks” by the addition of a few fetch games and new toys she loves her new Winga mini disk launcher we’ve just started carrying. Her “sun time” is now our “sun time” and we’re both happier for it. Happy sunning.

Mr. Mutt

Overnight visitors and the furry cop…

We’re happy to say we’ve got a jet-setting extended family member staying with us for a few days, while they’re passing through and Lucy is on the case. In a good but loud way.

Not Lucy, but damn cute for a cop :)

Lucy, our ten pound rescue Chiweenie is a fantastic, if not a bit overzealous watchdog and she clearly has taken it upon herself to keep us safe from danger no matter if it be real or imagined. It’s all life and death to her. It’s not that she does not like strangers around us, it’s just that she does not trust anyone until they give her a very good reason to. And no, treats will not win her over, but a good heart and “aura” will. She’s a great judge of character and as I write she’s snuggled up with our visitor like they’ve known each other forever. She trusts us, trusts that we would not bring a “bad” person into our home, and she’s right. She just thinks she knows better, and again she’s right on that account to. It’s her ability to move beyond pure instinct and actually think and then judge this  new person that impressed me so much. She’s our little cop and bodyguard and I have no doubt she likes it that way — and so do we. We’re all safe if we work as a team. And Safe we are.

Oh, I almost forgot, we’re extending our clearance and final sale for a few more weeks due to popular demand, so check out the last of our discount dog supplies, and keep an eye and ear out for our pending GIANT announcement (wink-wink) that we’re sure you’ll be over the moon about. More to come…

Mr. Mutt

Fashion for you, fashion for them…

This past long holiday weekend came and went so fast I almost forgot to tell you all about it. We took some “quality time” and took it as easy as we could, not too easy as we have the site to run among another top secret doggy-themed project that we’re about to announce.

Every dog deserves a taste of luxury, just not as much as me.

With luxury and pampering on our minds we realized that dogs need luxury and pampering as much or even more than we do. Dogs are under constant stress, always on the lookout but very rarely truly relaxed. How could you be if you could smell and hear as well as them? That being said, we’re proud to announce some amazingly decadent yet affordable doggy carriers from industry leader Puppia. We’ve got the Dutchess dog tote bag, the Monogram dog carrier bag and the Dutchess dog carrier bag. All are stunning and add a bit of luxury and style to any doggy adventure. From a trip to Paris, or just to the mall, check ‘em out. You know you both deserve it.

Mr. Mutt

To Groom is divine…

As the summer gets closer and the temperature starts to rise, a young pups interests turn to the outdoors… and the dirt, and the bugs and the tangles.

Treat yourself and your canine companion to a happy and healthy summer season with a selection of our latest and greatest dog grooming wellness products.

In the future, every dog will be famous...and clean

Just like it’s almost swimsuit season for us humans, your doggy wants to look and feel their best too. Enjoy the season, and don’t forget to post some snapshots of you and your pooch having some summer fun on our facebook page.

Mr. Mutt


Doggy-baggage clearance sale — and we’re so proud.

I am so proud of our little rescue pup, Lucy. When she first came to us she looked just as cute as she does now, but her temperament was pretty snarly and defensive. After a while she warmed to us and now she is totally relaxed around the house — but with other people, not so much. Or so I thought.

Not Lucy but just as happy


Over time Lucy has also mellowed towards strangers, and more for people we see often. I’m always super careful when someone new wants to pet her ( it’s hard not to try) and at times I may a bit too cautious. Not because I think she will hurt them, but if she does break the skin it could mean she could be taken away from us by the man (even for a second is too long) so I err on the side out caution. The downside of me being overprotective is, I end up cutting the world off from Lucy. And it from her.


I’ve realized lately that Lucy is far better with people and that she has cleared out most of her baggage on her own. I’m proud to say I’m following her lead this time, and clearing out my Lucy baggage too — and the world is a happier place for it, and Lucy is happier too. Speaking of clearance ( check out my subtle segue) we’re doing a major clearance special of tons of our most popular items to make way for our new and improved selection. Check out our Welcome Mutt Clearance Dog Items via our clearance and final sale dog items too see what’s still in stock.  Happy clearing…

Mr. Mutt

New & improved!

Hey Welcome Mutt fans and family, out new and improved site is up and to thank you all for your feedback, praise and patronage we’re celebrating our re-launch with a big sale, see our homepage for details and will be adding new and exciting products by the day.

yup, new and also improved

Drop us a line on our Facebook Page,  or Twitter  or “pin” us on our new Welcome Mutt Pinterest, we always love to hear from our fans.

Cheers, and happy shopping…

Mr. Mutt

The dog days of May…

Hey all, we’re back! The whole Welcome Mutt team, including our super chi-weenie Lucy took a few well deserved days off and had ourselves a great time away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We spent some quality time surrounded by nature and took it as easy as we could, and Lucy seemed to like the life of leisure the most, so much so that when we returned to the traffic and noise of our beloved home, the contrast between home and vacation Lucy was stunning.

Normally, Lucy is an expert guard dog and is always keeping an eye out for interlopers, mostly Squirrels thankfully, and she needs tons of stress relief, like play-fighting and arm humping, just to take the edge off. But “vacation Lucy” needed none of that. She enjoyed herself and was not on edge at all.

We were lucky enough to have an entire very private home to stay in for the weekend that was far enough away from neighbors and other dogs that Lucy could let her guard down, and it was a pleasure to see her so relaxed, even for a high-energy pooch such as herself. But, as soon as we returned home she was back on the case,  like an old detective who had left his gun and badge at home for some R&R and now strapped them back on as soon as he returned to his jurisdiction. The shift from mellow dog to “on the job” dog was instant, and it got me thinking. Lucy is a mellow dog at heart, she just so rarely gets the chance to really relax in the city. It’s no wonder there are so many dog calming products on the market and that we get requests for them all the time.

1st class all the way!

I realized, she’s like a super hero who has amazing powers of hearing, smell and sense and because of them, even though it may seem quiet and peaceful to us mere humans, Lucy is constantly on the case, and under stress no matter if we can tell their is trouble or not. Like her, we all are a product of our daily environments, but we also must remember that we can change when we alter our surroundings as well. So next time your dog seems stressed for no reason, take a trip and see what changes in them…and you.

Mr. Mutt


Spring, sprang sprung!

It’s spring cleaning time around Welcome Mutt headquarters, yes a wee bit late, but May 1st seems like a perfect day to get cracking and also to announce we’re doing a bit of inventory clearance as well. Check out our dog supplies on clearance here.

"With all the dough I saved at the Welcome Mutt clearance, I raise you"

We’ve chosen a wide selection of our most popular items and although we are only going to be offering them at these prices (infomercial voice: low low prices!!!) for a limited time, we’d just like to say thank you for making the past year so successful and we look forward to hearing from you all about your very own “spring-cleaning” too.

Mr. Mutt

An old friend…

As many of you know, our rescue chi-weenie, Lucy is the first dog I have ever had the good fortune to have as a companion, and before I alarm any of you, Lucy is 100% fine and is resting comfortably at my feet as I pen this.

No, I’m writing about the loss from my past, the lovable Pomeranian companion of an old pal of mine. I woke this morning to the sad news that “Mia” had passed away and even though I have not seen her or her human in years, the news of Mia’s passing has left me feeling blue.

Mia was the 1st dog that I felt knew me or even could recognized me. Thinking back, it may have been Mia who gave me my first taste of why people have dogs in the first place. It was clear from the way she protected and slathered affection on her human charge that Mia had a limitless capacity to love.  She loved her human companion with every fiber of her being, from the tip of her poofy tail to the top of her tiny head.

To all the Mia’s, Lucy’s and all the doggies in the world — we feel same about you.

Mr. Mutt