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June gloom and sunny afternoons

Around these parts this time of year we’ve got an atmospheric phenomenon that is akin to a super marine layer in the mornings this time of year, or as non-nerds like yourself call it, “June Gloom”. Our Chiweenie Lucy really hates that she can’t sun herself as per her normal pattern and I’m sure if she could speak she’d ask me — “what did I do that was so bad you’ve made the sun go away” and I’d reply, “I hate to break it to your cutie, but that department is beyond my pay-grade”.

Disc launcher is GO!


So, when this misty grey layer burns off later in the day, Lucy takes advantage and has made it very clear she’s not going back inside until she’s got her fill of sun, mostly her sitting on the sidewalk and soaking up the heat and vitamin D, and that leaves me with a very tan face, and not much else.

So, I’ve added a few new tricks to our “sun-walks” by the addition of a few fetch games and new toys she loves her new Winga mini disk launcher we’ve just started carrying. Her “sun time” is now our “sun time” and we’re both happier for it. Happy sunning.

Mr. Mutt

Spring, sprang sprung!

It’s spring cleaning time around Welcome Mutt headquarters, yes a wee bit late, but May 1st seems like a perfect day to get cracking and also to announce we’re doing a bit of inventory clearance as well. Check out our dog supplies on clearance here.

"With all the dough I saved at the Welcome Mutt clearance, I raise you"

We’ve chosen a wide selection of our most popular items and although we are only going to be offering them at these prices (infomercial voice: low low prices!!!) for a limited time, we’d just like to say thank you for making the past year so successful and we look forward to hearing from you all about your very own “spring-cleaning” too.

Mr. Mutt

April showers bring the flowers, and wet doggies.

This past weekend it was gloomy at very best and at worst, a total downpour. Normally we go to a large dog park on the weekends, but with the rain, even between showers, the park had pretty much become a ten acre mud-bowl.

Busy Buddy

So, stuck inside we were, and like some forgotten Cat in the Hat story we kept our little Thing #1 & #2 ( our Chi-weenie Lucy counts for both of the mischief making troublemakers) free from doggy cabin-fever with a host of new Interactive Dog Toys we’ve begun carrying on the Welcome Mutt.


Lucy is a quick study and once she had figured out the secret of the interactive toy, we’d give her another toy, then another toy, then start over again. By the end of our test-drive/playtime had run its course, Lucy was ready for a nap and we both could just tell she had gotten a little smarter that rainy, lazy Saturday afternoon. We learned that mixing play-time with learning-time made our gloomy weekend  bright.

So, next time the raindrops fall, make gloom-time play-time.

Mr. Mutt

Meet Dog toy and supply titans Kyjen

Choosing the right products for the Welcome Mutt is a daunting task but it’s fun too. Once we settle on a product, after testing it in our own home for quality, durability and value, we do a little research about the manufacturer to see if the way they do their business also meets our standards. I’ve been so excited to discover wonderful companies like household name Kyjen run by like-minded dog lovers and think their story is worth telling.

Kyjen, the dog toys, puzzles, pet supplies and travel gear titans started off in Southern California with a couple of dog lovers, Kyle and Jen Hansen, get it Ky-Jen. Originally they started their company out of necessity. They were sick of buying plush kids toys for their two dogs only to have them destroyed immediately. The discovered that no one was making heavy duty plush toys specially for dogs. So, they saw a vacuum in the dog toy market and invented the world famous and dog approved Plush Puppies line. From there on they kept inventing new brands like outward Hound Dog travel gear and discovering new products to distribute and the rest is history. Check out our growing line of Kyjen products right here.

We here at the Welcome Mutt feel we’re following in Kyjen’s footsteps and providing high quality dog supplies to you, but also at the same time we feel passionately about the dog rescue community and express our gratitude via our Rescue Rewards program as well as our Savings Club. We hope we can keep bringing you the best products at the best prices and look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Mutt.


A fetching game of catch

I always enjoyed the satisfying sound of a baseball impacting a baseball glove more than the almost-as-glorious sound of a bat making perfect contact with said ball. Both a great when they happen, but there is just something pure and non-competitive about the back and fourth a good and simple game of catch can be.

not Lucy and almost as cute

When our rescue, Lucy arrived we quickly discovered that she loved to play all the typical dog games, especially running after a ball or stick but she would never retrieve it. We’re working on it with her, but I also see it as a part of her personalty now, not a flaw, just something that is, well…Lucy-like. We have been incorporating more fetchables ( especially our Air Kong squeaker tennis balls and the The Rock) into our playtime and Lucy seems to be getting the hang of this “playing catch thing” we seem to want her to learn. I look forward to the day, hopefully by spring when I can throw a ball, Lucy will chase it and then something magical will happen — she’ll come trotting back to me, triumphantly dropping the ball at my feet, ready for another go. Ah, to dream.

Have a doggy-wonder-filled weekend and a game of catch on us…

Mr. Mutt


Gloomy day, let us play.

It’s pretty gloomy outside today — like it’s about to rain but just refuses to be so agreeable as to do its gloomy-business and get back to the sunshiny thing. We’re in Los Angeles, but originally hail from far colder climes, so we know, we’ve got it good, just saying.

One nice advantage to the gloomy day is that Lucy, our Chi-weenie, likes to burrow into blankets, or piles of laundry or the bedspread, even more so than normal. It’s a nice break for all of us. But when she wakes, it’s “entertain me” time. So, on this overcast of a blah day, I’ve decided to play cat-in-the-hat, sans the feline ( sadly I’m allergic to the cute clawed ones) and the hat, and try out some of our new dog toys.

We purchase and “test-drive” every  new item before we will carry it in our very selective inventory, to make sure it’s up to Welcome Mutt standards. We know how costs can add up when you’re taking care of a dog and we, like you, demand not only great prices but also great quality. We’ve also made choosing toys a snap with our build-it-yourself Toy Pack. A great choice as a gift for the new dog guardian.

So far, as far as our toys go — Lucy loves ‘em all. Now, if I could only get her to love taking product photos and blogging…

Mr. Mutt



We missed Adopt-A-Dog Month® but not Veterans day

What a heel I’ve been. See what I did there? We’ve been so busy working our little tails off ( I did it again) we totally missed the opportunity to tell you all about the American Human Societies Adopt-A-Dog Month®, that was sadly… last month.

As proud guardians of our oft mentioned rescue, Lucy, adopting or fostering a dog is very close to our heart. And the plight of countless homeless dogs is never far from our mind. That is why we created the Welcome Mutt, specifically our Rescue Rewards Program.   

rescue rewards

Training your new rescue or foster dog is also important to us, as with anything the right education and the right tools are a great place to start.

Top Tips

I myself am a 1st time doggy daddy and found doing my homework and using the right training devices gave me the confidence that I needed to help Lucy be the best dog she can be. And also so I could be the best educated human looking out for her needs.

As in all things, the more you care the more you’ll grow and the more you grow…I was going to say “the more you’ll know” but that’s just too corny, even for me. So I just leave you with this — your dog will love you ( more ) for it. :)

On this veterans day we’d also like to take a moment to honor all of the dogs, K9 units and trainers of the military’s around the world, and those that depend on our bravest canine comrades to keep them out of harms way. I say bring ‘em all home soon.

Mr. Mutt