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Overnight visitors and the furry cop…

We’re happy to say we’ve got a jet-setting extended family member staying with us for a few days, while they’re passing through and Lucy is on the case. In a good but loud way.

Not Lucy, but damn cute for a cop :)

Lucy, our ten pound rescue Chiweenie is a fantastic, if not a bit overzealous watchdog and she clearly has taken it upon herself to keep us safe from danger no matter if it be real or imagined. It’s all life and death to her. It’s not that she does not like strangers around us, it’s just that she does not trust anyone until they give her a very good reason to. And no, treats will not win her over, but a good heart and “aura” will. She’s a great judge of character and as I write she’s snuggled up with our visitor like they’ve known each other forever. She trusts us, trusts that we would not bring a “bad” person into our home, and she’s right. She just thinks she knows better, and again she’s right on that account to. It’s her ability to move beyond pure instinct and actually think and then judge this  new person that impressed me so much. She’s our little cop and bodyguard and I have no doubt she likes it that way — and so do we. We’re all safe if we work as a team. And Safe we are.

Oh, I almost forgot, we’re extending our clearance and final sale for a few more weeks due to popular demand, so check out the last of our discount dog supplies, and keep an eye and ear out for our pending GIANT announcement (wink-wink) that we’re sure you’ll be over the moon about. More to come…

Mr. Mutt

Spring, sprang sprung!

It’s spring cleaning time around Welcome Mutt headquarters, yes a wee bit late, but May 1st seems like a perfect day to get cracking and also to announce we’re doing a bit of inventory clearance as well. Check out our dog supplies on clearance here.

"With all the dough I saved at the Welcome Mutt clearance, I raise you"

We’ve chosen a wide selection of our most popular items and although we are only going to be offering them at these prices (infomercial voice: low low prices!!!) for a limited time, we’d just like to say thank you for making the past year so successful and we look forward to hearing from you all about your very own “spring-cleaning” too.

Mr. Mutt

All dogs are working dogs… and dogs love to work

We never miss a doggy documentary around Welcome Mutt HQ and the other night we caught a great one on PBS about the evolution of dogs from wolves and how humans bred them for herding and hunting work at 1st. Eons later we began breeding our lovely four-legged pals for esthetic reasons, namely cuteness. We made a joke at our rescue chi-weenie Lucy’s expense, that she does not have a “real” job, say like sheep-herder or bomb-sniffer, but then we started to list Lucy’s around the house “jobs” and realized she is a full-time worker for sure.

From being the worlds cutest burglar alarm ( I’m a bit biased, ya think’?) and squirrel-alerter ( not a real job I know) Lucy keeps a eye out for us 24/7 and even though we know there is zero chance of a full blown squirrel invasion, Lucy does not know this and treats every bump in the night or shuffle outside her domain as an attempted full scale assault on her and those two nice humans whom she wished she could explain, how often she saves our lives from the furry-tailed, or two legged menace right outside our doors and windows. Her reward is dog treats and dog toys but above it all, we and she do what we do to protect each other out of love.

Lucy, as all dogs, deserves a medal for the bravery she exhibits every day to keep us and our home safe from all threats, be they real or doggy-imagined. So, next time someone says your canine companion is just an accessory, just tell them they’re hard at work keeping you safe…albeit under cover of cuteness.

Mr. Mutt

Black Friday & PJ’s

Everywhere I go I’m inundated with advertisements, be they on radio, on-line, television or even on billboards, about this Black Friday shop-fest-thing — and it has got me very curious. This year more than ever.

What is it about the sport that is holiday shopping season? Is it a need for shared communal experience or a vestigial drive to scrum for the good stuff, like we used to around the cave-fire eons ago? Now, don’t get me wrong — I love this holiday time of year ( we pretty much celebrate them all) and look forward to that nip in the air and a trip to the shops to find that just-right gift for my loved ones like most of us do.

Toy Pack

But this year, I’ve decided I’m going to give everyone else shopping a break, and do all my shopping on-line this season. You can thank me for not being in line in front of you, or taking your parking spot or even snagging the last food-court treat of your choice.

I’m going to give the world a gift and stay out of your way, do all my shopping in my PJ’s and gleefully look forward to the steady stream of UPS and USPS boxes that will arrive over the next few weeks, all of them ( well, most of them) for my favorite people in life, my parents, brothers and sisters, old friends and new, not including the wonderful in-laws and of course the, the wife and Lucy, our wonder pooch pooch. If you’d like to join me, We’ve got a great selection of gifts ( for your dog or a loved ones) from designer dog beds to toys and treats, perfect for Fido’s stocking.

Treat Pack

Paul Frank julius

We here at the Welcome Mutt, feel that during these difficult times it’s easy to forget the least fortunate among us — and for us, it’s dogs in need of rescue, and the brave souls who run rescue groups.  If you are in the market for dog supplies, treats, or gear, we hope you will check out our rescue rewards program  so we can all give back at little something to those who put our canine companions 1st, even during the hectic holidays.

Have a happy Black Friday, stay warm and safe and remember…you could be home in your PJ’s shopping at the Welcome Mutt. Or go to the mall, and when you come home, slip into something comfortable and come check us out.

Mr. Mutt

Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of…doggy treats.

Now that The Welcome Mutt is up and running and getting great reviews and feedback from dog lovers around the nation, I must say…I never thought it would be this satisfying to make so many people (and poochies) this happy.

We started The Welcome Mutt because we could not find a a high-quality website that carried all the doggy gear, treats and toys in a single place. As well as one that inspired confidence and a sense of dog lover community.

So, we put a bunch of our personal projects on hold and went to work building what we hope will grow into a one-stop-shopping-mall for all things doggy, but also become a landing zone for the rescue dog community via our rescue rewards program. Like a town-center for dog lovers that connects us all, across the nation… and hopefully beyond some day.

Lucy, our rescue, thinks it’s great as well, but not for the same reasons we do. I believe she thinks she is such a great dog (she kinda is) that we’ve just up and decided to buy her every dog toy, accessory and treat in the world and in multiple sizes and colors to boot. I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that she is starting to catch on to the fact that our inventory room ( where she is not allowed) is not a secret stash of presents for her, but for all of you. She does get to be our “test-pilot” for most of the items we carry and when it comes to testing treats she has got The Right Stuff.

Take a look at the selection of “Lucy Approved” treats we’re currently carrying, from like-minded brands like Zuke’s Mini Naturals and Zuke’s Mini Bakes and Jones Natural Chews, Tender Taffy  or our exclusive Welcome Mutt Treat Pack, and if you don’t see your canine pals favorite, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

We’re always on the lookout for great new items to carry and look forward to hearing all about your wants, needs and experiences with The Welcome Mutt.

Mr. Mutt