Been away for a while, but with the BEST excuse!

Hey there regular readers, all happy 713 of you! I’m feeling like a very proud pappa these days, and no we’ve not rescued another poochie ( soon I hope-hope) but we have been working very hard these past few months on our latest and some say greatest venture and we owe it all to the Welcome Mutt and our loyal fans and supporters. May I introduce, the best idea that you won’t be able to live without once you realize it’s a real thing, drum roll please… why yes it's real!

I hear-bye introduce you to It’s a monthly poop bag delivery service that allows you to choose the bags that are right for you ( from very eco friendly or super eco friendly compostable) and amount you need for each daily walk and we send them to you every month with free shipping for one low low monthly price.

The price and convenience can’t be beat, we know we’ve tried them all. Check out our P.B.C site for updates and in the next few days we’ll be up and running full steam and ready to take your orders. We’ve also got an AMAZINGLY FUNNY commercial that is almost ready to viewing, we can’t wait to hear what you all think. The best is yet to come…

Happy pooping!

Mr. Mutt

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