Fashion for you, fashion for them…

This past long holiday weekend came and went so fast I almost forgot to tell you all about it. We took some “quality time” and took it as easy as we could, not too easy as we have the site to run among another top secret doggy-themed project that we’re about to announce.

Every dog deserves a taste of luxury, just not as much as me.

With luxury and pampering on our minds we realized that dogs need luxury and pampering as much or even more than we do. Dogs are under constant stress, always on the lookout but very rarely truly relaxed. How could you be if you could smell and hear as well as them? That being said, we’re proud to announce some amazingly decadent yet affordable doggy carriers from industry leader Puppia. We’ve got the Dutchess dog tote bag, the Monogram dog carrier bag and the Dutchess dog carrier bag. All are stunning and add a bit of luxury and style to any doggy adventure. From a trip to Paris, or just to the mall, check ‘em out. You know you both deserve it.

Mr. Mutt

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