Kurgo: The next step in dog gear

Never heard of Kurgo? We’re proud to tell you all about this exciting company and that we’ve also started carrying a selection of their dog carriers, dog harnesses and their unique automotive-based doggy products.

Kurgo Auto Zip Line with Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness & Tether

Started by two hands-on designer brothers, Kitter and Gordie Spater outside of Boston, Kurgo has taken the dog products world by storm in the past few year garnering praise from Good Morning America, Today and the Wall Street Journal and awards from Dog Fancy, Inc. Magazine and Animal Radio.

Kurgo takes a hands on approach, from their prototyping and testing to final production, and being that they’re dog lovers to the core just like you and I, their gear is super well thought out and free of any toxic, hazardous or superfluous details. They’ve even started their very own standard of excellence with their socially responsible “Green Leaf Dog” logo, ensuring that their products are free of PVC, BPA  and any other toxic or non-recyclable materials. 

We look forward to seeing more from Kurgo in the future and for now check out our selected Kurgo products on our site.

Mr. Mutt

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