All dogs are working dogs… and dogs love to work

We never miss a doggy documentary around Welcome Mutt HQ and the other night we caught a great one on PBS about the evolution of dogs from wolves and how humans bred them for herding and hunting work at 1st. Eons later we began breeding our lovely four-legged pals for esthetic reasons, namely cuteness. We made a joke at our rescue chi-weenie Lucy’s expense, that she does not have a “real” job, say like sheep-herder or bomb-sniffer, but then we started to list Lucy’s around the house “jobs” and realized she is a full-time worker for sure.

From being the worlds cutest burglar alarm ( I’m a bit biased, ya think’?) and squirrel-alerter ( not a real job I know) Lucy keeps a eye out for us 24/7 and even though we know there is zero chance of a full blown squirrel invasion, Lucy does not know this and treats every bump in the night or shuffle outside her domain as an attempted full scale assault on her and those two nice humans whom she wished she could explain, how often she saves our lives from the furry-tailed, or two legged menace right outside our doors and windows. Her reward is dog treats and dog toys but above it all, we and she do what we do to protect each other out of love.

Lucy, as all dogs, deserves a medal for the bravery she exhibits every day to keep us and our home safe from all threats, be they real or doggy-imagined. So, next time someone says your canine companion is just an accessory, just tell them they’re hard at work keeping you safe…albeit under cover of cuteness.

Mr. Mutt

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