The dog days of May…

Hey all, we’re back! The whole Welcome Mutt team, including our super chi-weenie Lucy took a few well deserved days off and had ourselves a great time away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We spent some quality time surrounded by nature and took it as easy as we could, and Lucy seemed to like the life of leisure the most, so much so that when we returned to the traffic and noise of our beloved home, the contrast between home and vacation Lucy was stunning.

Normally, Lucy is an expert guard dog and is always keeping an eye out for interlopers, mostly Squirrels thankfully, and she needs tons of stress relief, like play-fighting and arm humping, just to take the edge off. But “vacation Lucy” needed none of that. She enjoyed herself and was not on edge at all.

We were lucky enough to have an entire very private home to stay in for the weekend that was far enough away from neighbors and other dogs that Lucy could let her guard down, and it was a pleasure to see her so relaxed, even for a high-energy pooch such as herself. But, as soon as we returned home she was back on the case,  like an old detective who had left his gun and badge at home for some R&R and now strapped them back on as soon as he returned to his jurisdiction. The shift from mellow dog to “on the job” dog was instant, and it got me thinking. Lucy is a mellow dog at heart, she just so rarely gets the chance to really relax in the city. It’s no wonder there are so many dog calming products on the market and that we get requests for them all the time.

1st class all the way!

I realized, she’s like a super hero who has amazing powers of hearing, smell and sense and because of them, even though it may seem quiet and peaceful to us mere humans, Lucy is constantly on the case, and under stress no matter if we can tell their is trouble or not. Like her, we all are a product of our daily environments, but we also must remember that we can change when we alter our surroundings as well. So next time your dog seems stressed for no reason, take a trip and see what changes in them…and you.

Mr. Mutt


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